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Hi !  I'm Mike Scarborough

I was born right here in McCurtain County in 1964. I began fishing with my Dad and Papaw when I was about 8 years old. I have fished for and caught Crappie most of my life. I have been fishing the beautiful Broken Bow Lake for about 10 years now. Crappie is what I specialize in. There are days that fish just don't want to bite, so on some trips we catch less than others. Should there be a trip that we fail to catch a single fish, there will only be a $50.00 trip charge. My goal is to not let that happen, and to see that you have an enjoyable experience, one that you will always remember, while fishing for Crappie with me on Broken Bow Lake. My boat has all the latest equipment to aid me in the finding and catching of Crappie.

Our lake offers more than just fishing, so I encourage you to bring along your camera. Amazing rock formations, beautiful scenery, and lots of wildlife. All Creations Of Our Glorious GOD ! While you are on a Crappie Fishing trip with me, you are subject to see things such as an American Bald Eagle, White Tailed Deer, Wild Hogs, Otter and many other exciting things and creatures of the wild. My trips are Family Oriented. You will see as you read further that fishing is a family tradition for me. From my Grandfather down to my Grandsons.

I am a born again Christian of the Baptist Faith.

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